How long have you been working with the medium of glass? 

I enrolled in the Australian National University glass workshop in 2014, and completed my Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2017, majoring in glass. Since then I have been slowly building my practice in Canberra, blowing glass, working for others and teaching out of the Canberra Glassworks.

What draws you to the medium of glass? 

I have always been fascinated by coloured glass, and how something as simple as projecting light through glass can entirely change how we see the colour. A lot of my work revolves around distorting or obfuscating vision by treating the glass is different ways. Often I will make two objects that are very similar, but by using differing amounts of clear and coloured glass, I can create two very different effects.

I am primarily a glassblower. I love how engaging and immediate the hotshop is. When blowing glass, you can't start a piece and then walk away for a few hours, you have to finish it there and then. I have always enjoyed that intense focus when working on an object.

Oculus iii, Black Sun, 2017. Blown glass and timber

Photo Credit : Adam McGrath

What is your studio practice like?

My studio practice is quite varied. I blow glass and teach out of the Canberra Glassworks  and also have a home studio where I make culinary knives and tools. My practice is part time at the moment, but I try and maintain a balance between my other job and my studio practice. Having a home studio is sometimes too tempting though, I can get a bit obsessive when making things, and often work far later into the night than I probably should!

All artists must change and grow their practice over time – can you tell us about a really significant moment in your career? 

I think a real high point for me was my first big design market - Undercurrent. I spent the better part of a year designing, prototyping and building stock for a market just before Christmas in 2018, and ended up doing really well. It was really nice to be able to directly interact with people who are interested in my work, and talk about what I'm most passionate about. My practice is constantly evolving as I develop new skills, techniques and methods of working that I enjoy.

What is another artists work in Gather that you love and why?

There is so much work at Gather that I love, but I think my favourite piece at the moment is Ben Edol's Gossamer Bowl - I have a bit of an obsession with cane, particularly twisted cane.

 Ben Edols, Gossamer Bowl. 


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