Studio OneFive : Scott Chaseling 

How long have you been working with the medium of glass? I began over 30 years ago and yet, it feels like it was only yesterday I started blowing glass, as I learn so much every time I walk into the studio.

What draws you to the medium of glass? Its the dance! To work with hot glass is to move around a space filled with fire. Then accompanied by a team of artists the glass is gathered, blown, formed, and created. It is this process and community that allow me to make my work.

What is your studio practice like? I am very fortunate to have worked full-time as an artist ever since I left school. I am very naive to have worked full-time as an artist ever since I left school. In my studio I have a white sofa, that way I start with a blank canvas, rather than making something that matches it.

Scott Chaseling, Adrift, 2017, cut glass construction, 300 x 300 x 300 cm 

Image : Adam McGrath

All artists must change and grow their practice over time – can you tell us about a really significant moment in your career? I was 22 years old and had just graduated, majoring in Sculpture in Visual Arts. Sitting in a pub when a friend, who I hadn’t seen for a while, walks in. We get chatting and he tells me that he has started a traineeship in glass blowing. “What's that I ask?” To which I spend the rest of the night learning the history of glass over a few ales. He informs me there is a position for another trainee available at the studio. The next day, being a Friday, I head off to the studio. I arrive in the afternoon so as not to disturb the work. I had never seen a glass blower nor understood the process, and even on this fateful day it was tools down, all the machinery had been turned off. I saw no-one working and the techniques of glass blowing were still an enigma. The Studio Manager asked me to return on Monday to commence a one month trial. Over the weekend I proceeded to inform all my mates down at the local surf beach that I was now a Glass Blower! I had to skirt all the questions relating to processes and techniques as having still not seen them in action and being pre-internet, I had no idea as to what was in front of me. Then during the first hour of work on Monday morning, I had an epiphany,  I had taken the first steps into my future. There was no turning back, as I had now seen the skills and techniques, talked with the other artists working there, and felt the warmth of the furnace drawing me in.

TLDR:  Glass: “Its invisible, solid, in short a joyous and paradoxical thing, as good a material as any to build a life from.” Peter Carey

What is another artists work at Gather that you love and why? I enjoy listening to music styles ranging from the classical Princess Anna Amalia, of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttelncess to the punk of the Rage Against the Machine. So when asked “Which artists work at Gather I love?”, I’d have to say “I love” any and all artists that shows devotion, sacrifice, creativity, and evolution.


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